15 Reasons you need The Business Lounge

1. You find yourself rolling your eyes every time there’s a knock at your door

Ever regret saying the words “my door’s always open!”? You’ve settled at your desk, you have your favourite coffee to hand, and you’re in the perfect frame of mind to start working on next year’s budgets. Then you hear the familiar sound of a rat-a-tat on your office door. Grr…


2. “I haven’t got time!” is becoming your new catchphrase

Annoying sales calls? Suppliers being unreliable? All these things that affect the efficiency of your working day are making you wonder how time manages to pass you by so quickly. Are you spending too much time getting caught up in irrelevant activities?


3. You’ve considered bringing ear plugs into the office to shut out all the noise

“I wish they would just be quiet for two minutes while I concentrate on this important email!” If colleagues or staff are discussing the gossip from the weekend or what they’ve got for lunch today, all you can think about is grabbing your laptop and going somewhere else.


4. You’re constantly cursing at your slow internet speed

You’re mid-flow into a ground-breaking research task, and your Wi-Fi decides that no, today is not the day for that.


5. You’re always fishing around for loose change to pay for parking at the nearest hot-desking centre

That’s after you’ve battled through city centre traffic to get there and travelled up to the hundredth floor looking for a space. Surely there’s something better than this out there?


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The Business Lounge at The Derby Conference Centre

Are you looking for the perfect environment to work on, not in, your business?

For a place where there are no knocks at the door or unexpected phone calls to deal with, visit The Business Lounge and discover that safe haven you’ve been waiting for.

Your experience starts with a stress-free arrival within our 8 acres of beautiful grounds, where you’ll find that parking is plentiful and complimentary.

The extra hour in the day that you’ll receive here is accompanied by superfast fibre optic Wi-Fi, valuable administration support, from printing and photocopying, to even posting letters out for you.

Our opening times have been designed to be as flexible as your working day, so from 8am – 11pm, seven days a week, our expert staff are on hand to cater to your every need, including supplying you with unlimited tea and coffee, which is included in your membership.

Forget stuffy offices and dull boardrooms, our super modern meeting rooms are equipped with high-quality equipment and all the necessary provisions for you to pull off the perfect sales pitch, impress your colleagues at a board meeting or find your next star employee.

Just a short distance from the major road and rail links, The Business Lounge offers the perfect corporate surroundings in the heart of the country.

Talk to us at businesslounge@thederbyconferencecentre.com or call us on 01332 861842