AED and Training for DCC

AED and Training for The Derby Conference Centre

With 80,000 visitors walking through our doors every year, the need for first aid could strike at any time. Delivering effective, safe and prompt first aid can be crucial towards someone’s recovery after having suffered an accident or injury.  Here at The Derby Conference Centre, we ensure that each and every person on our site feels safe, whether they’re a guest or a member of staff.

All of our key team members are first aid trained and have regular refresher sessions, we also recognise the importance of life saving equipment, which is why we have recently installed an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in our building should one be needed in the event of an emergency.

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest their chance of survival increases dramatically if the first aider reacts appropriately, by contacting the emergency services before commencing CPR and using a defibrillator to shock the heart into its normal rhythm.

AEDs are safe and very easy to use, and will not deliver an electric shock should the patient’s heart not require it. Formal training is not required to be able to use an AED, but in order to give our staff extra confidence in being able to operate one we have invested in some training from St John Ambulance.

For more information about AEDs or St John Ambulance, please visit–defibrillator-aed.aspx