An Interview with CLF Consulting


How has the Business Lounge improved your working week?

“The Business lounge provides me with a professional environment in which to meet with clients and colleagues. It also provides me with a dedicated place of work, away from the distractions of home. Added to that meeting with fellow Business Lounge members has helped broaden my network and give me some much needed personal interaction.”

What do you like most about using the Business Lounge?

“For me, the professionalism of the environment. Also, it fits my brand, matching what I want to portray about my business.”

What would you say if you were to recommend the Business Lounge to other business owners?

“It is a comfortable and professional environment. The onsite facilities and benefits of being a member cover the cost of membership making it a cost-effective resource, not an additional expense.”

Are you making use of the complimentary guest allowance that is included in your membership?

“Yes definitely. Being able to showcase the Business Lounge to colleagues using the complimentary passes has peeked an interest for them to join also. It is much better than hosting clients or trying to work in Starbucks (other coffee franchises are available!). Using the complimentary day passes for client meetings has enabled me, and them, to get so much more out of our meetings. When clients come off-site to meet they are free to concentrate without interruptions.”