Looking to tie the knot? Our Wedding Coordinator Jess will make your wedding a day to remember

By popular demand, weddings are well and truly back here at The Derby Conference Centre. There’s always a lot to consider when planning your special day, which is where our Wedding Coordinator Jessica Wood comes in.

Jessica loves helping people and putting on an event that will live long in their memories. She’s always had a passion for organising weddings and events – she even balanced her A-Levels with working as a set-up member at another wedding venue before moving on to study at London’s Event Academy, where her skills really shone through.

And Jess hasn’t looked back since! She’s already worked at various venues, big and small, and has been instrumental in putting on events of her own, liaising with a team and professional event companies.

Now very much at the heart of our wedding planning operations, Jess is excited about bringing her skills to help couples looking to tie the knot plan the perfect day at our beautiful venue.

“I really wanted to work in a place which would expand my knowledge and skills alongside a team of hard-working and passionate colleagues,” Jess says. “Being the Wedding Coordinator here at The Derby Conference Centre gives me that opportunity and so much more! I‘m really looking forward to sharing my experience with the team we have here and with our clients so we can give them the best possible wedding or event.”  

As well as possessing bucket-loads of enthusiasm and knowledge, Jess also has an eye for vibrancy. She believes that this will help her to arrange the wedding that her customers will have been dreaming of, with a stunning Grade II building as the backdrop.

Having worked on different events in the past, Jess also knows that everyone is unique. By getting to know her customers and what they envision their wedding or event will look like, Jess and our team of expert organisers look to turn that dream into reality.   

“I’m the sort of person who will always go the extra mile to ensure my customers enjoy a successful and memorable day,” Jess explains. “I’ll always bring passion and enthusiasm for their special occasion and the best reward I can have from my work is seeing them happy on the day.”

There’s nothing that Jess and her team of organisers won’t do to make sure you have the perfect wedding day. From talking through your catering options through to decorating the reception room according to your vision, you can concentrate on getting yourself ready for the big day, safe in the knowledge that Jess and her team will make sure that everything runs like clockwork.

Why not take a look at our brochure to get some inspiration for wedding ideas or get in touch for more information about planning your special day.