Our new talented Head Chef has arrived!

Our lovely guests are now enjoying a refreshed dining experience thanks to the launch of a range of new menus created by our talented new Head Chef, Matthew Slack.

As an experienced chef who has worked his way up to senior positions in local restaurants offering quality cuisine, Matt hopes to create dishes that will provide our guests with the most enjoyable experience using quality ingredients and exciting recipes.
“Where possible, I use local produce from local suppliers to put across to our customers what is great about Derby and its local produce,” Matt explains. “It is something that I am passionate about being born and raised in the city. As well as this, I am introducing a greater variety of dishes across all of The Derby Conference Centre’s menus to satisfy our repeat customers.”

We’re certain that the new menus and dining experience will allow our guests to put on a display that people will remember; whether it’s an event, wedding or conference that they have planned. As we strive to make the event organising process as straightforward as possible, high-quality food is of course an important element for a successful event.
Matt says, “I believe that food has an ability to put a smile on people’s faces, and that it is important to maximise this opportunity so that everyone who eats with us leaves happy. I hope to elevate the food to a level that all members of our team can be proud of. As a chef, it is great to achieve positive feedback from guests, but just as importantly, it is important that the staff are confident and proud of what they are

Along with Matt, we also recently appointed a Sous Chef, none other than Matthew’s brother, Jordan Slack! Jordan is super excited to be working alongside his brother in the kitchen.
When we look back over the last ten years, a lot has changed! After a recent £1 million investment on the refurbishment of our conferencing centre, we offer additional facilities such as; The Douie Suite – a private conferencing space with its own dedicated bathroom and breakout area, The Business Lounge and we now host weddings once again. Matt and Jordan are both excited to be working on their range of new menus for the weddings, alongside our other new menus which will be served to conferences and the public.

“It’s been a really exciting time for us here at The Derby Conference Centre,” Mike Ebbitt, our MD explains. “For us, it’s all about giving our customers a great experience and value for money. We recently opened The Douie Suite to our clients, and announced our return to the wedding market, the response from which was fantastic. Now, with our newly renovated bar and bistro for Matthew and his team to serve, we are confident that we are able to uplift the quality of the cuisine offered.”

The delights of Matthew’s menus are now available to sample! For more information, or to enquire about our facilities, contact us here.